EMDR, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy & Talk Therapy

For Adults & Teens in Colorado | Online & In-Person

Cathy Schneider Therapist


Hello! I’m Cathy, a licensed clinical social worker with 11 years of experience working with clients experiencing trauma, grief, loss, life transitions, and more. I work with clients online in the state of Colorado and in person in Avon, CO.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy & Integration

Spiritual & Existential Questioning

EMDR & EMDR Intensives

Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions


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Everything must break open in order to live.


The seed must break open in order for the tree to grow. The egg must break open in order for life to emerge. The Earth must be turned, and the cloud must burst.


You were never meant to stay in your shell.


Thomas Lloyd Qualls