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Online & In-Person Therapy for adults in Colorado

My preparation for a psychedelic training

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Psychedelic

When the training for guiding with psilocybin was announced, I quickly signed up and was excited to get started as soon as possible. This fungi was my first ‘plant’ psychedelic experience a few years prior, and it had been my goal to incorporate this into my practice. After signing up, it was easy to put it on my calendar and let it sit on the back burner while I attended to regular life. A few weeks before the training, I noticed a tickle in my subconscious. I was starting to worry that I may not be ready to dive into this practice, and I had fear of what may come up in the psychedelic space. I also had an awareness that there were pieces lurking in my shadow that wanted attention.

After completing a Somatic Plant Medicine Integration certification over the past year, I scheduled a preparation session with the trainer to help express what was in my subconscious/shadow. I hoped this would help me prepare for the journey. During the session, I noticed fear and anxiety in my body as well as resilience and a feeling of fire. She guided me in acknowledging a long-held fear, feeling the protection of unseen figures, and in holding the internal strength and resilience I embodied. Sitting with the dialectic of fear and not being in control with strength and faith in myself helped to steady my concerns before the training.

In the following week, I journaled about this part of myself and continued narrowing down my intentions for the training week and my psilocybin journey. I tried to let things bubble up that needed attention. The somatic practitioner encouraged me to be gentle with myself and to slow down in the days ahead – both of which are difficult for me.

In the spirit of allowing things to move through me (conscious and unconscious), a friend provided a Reiki session where I became aware of a rigid stuckness in my lower abdomen. My friend felt it resist any movement. It didn’t want to budge. I felt the rise of grief as my thoughts turned toward recent deaths and the weight I often carry from my own work with clients. In my chest and heart area, I experienced a lifting of physical weight and a feeling of pain and discomfort that moved through me as I acknowledged and let go of long-held grief and sadness.

Other than packing the essentials and preparing for the weather, I spent the last couple of days before the training consistently aware of what was coming and what I was inviting. I felt a mix of restlessness, hopefulness, and anticipation.

Knowing what I was asking for and unsure if I would be able to access it…

Being around strangers bound up in a similar journey…

Hoping for space to exist and be, both internally and outside in nature…

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