Psychedelic Support Services, Preparation, & Integration

Psychedelic support services are an effective way to engage in deep introspective work while in a safe container.

It can be useful in many areas, such as working through trauma, improving feelings of purposelessness, managing existential dread, and grappling with grief.

I work with clients looking for Psychedelic Support Services, Preparation, and Integration.

Note: I do not provide or facilitate access to controlled or prohibited drugs, nor does a session occur if someone arrives at the session in an altered state.

Psychedelic Support Services

What Is a Psychedelic Support Service?

Psychedelic support is an effective way of supporting inner exploration with a therapist by one’s side. It serves as an alternative method for those dealing with trauma, emptiness, existential troubles, or grief and those who may feel hindered or hurt by other treatments or modalities.

This service is in a safe environment with gentle observation and monitoring. Psychedelic support often has a spiritual component that can be particularly meaningful. This approach is often accompanied by intense feelings, visions or sounds, along with emotions and reflections.

During a journey, I support clients with subtle techniques, including holding a safe space for the client’s internal exploration, taking note of what is shared by the client for integration afterward, somatic and mindful approaches, and analytic interpretations during and afterward.

Who could benefit from Psychedelic Support?

Those feeling blocked or dissatisfied with other therapeutic approaches may find it helpful. It’s conducted in a safe setting and is often imbued with a spiritual significance which makes the experience particularly meaningful for those taking part.

Trauma/PTSD, anxiety, grief and loss, and feelings of worthlessness and meaninglessness are among the conditions that can be addressed with psychedelic support. Clients are able to tolerate and express difficult emotions and thoughts using this approach because of the freedom an altered state allows.

During psycholytic therapy, clients are able to recall and process difficult memories more easily, while psychedelic therapy allows them to explore or enhance the meaning of past experiences in greater depth.

What can I expect?

Each journey is tailored to your individual needs and intentions. We start with exploring those and then find ways to honor your beliefs during the journey. You can expect to encounter strong emotions, sights and sounds, or difficult thoughts while using psychedelic substances. I hold safety in those moments and assist you in working through what feels hard to navigate.

To do this, I take notes for you during session so you can refer to them later, use somatic and other therapeutic interventions, and assist you in analyzing what comes up during the work together.

“The process of growth is, it seems, the art of falling down.

Growth is measured by the gentleness and awareness with which we once again pick ourselves up, the lightness with which we dust ourselves off, the openness with which we continue and take the next unknown step, beyond our edge, beyond our holding, into the remarkable mystery of being.”

Stephen Levine

What Is Preparation & Integration?

For clients exploring the use of psychedelics in a recreational setting outside of a session or going on a psychedelic retreat, I offer preparation/integration sessions to assist them in preparing for their journey and in creating space after a journey to understand each experience.

Preparation helps to craft the right set and setting for safety, create intentional space for your personal work, and provide a framework so you feel supported. Afterward, integration is a safely held space to walk through the journey, make meaning of each experience, and sift through the noise to find what can be carried forward into lasting change. Integration is an often overlooked and most essential part of psychedelic work as it helps move the experience forward into daily life.

Sights, sounds, sensations, thoughts – all of these can be intense, confusing, or overwhelming in psychedelic spaces. In an integration session, I use symbolism, your beliefs, somatic interventions as well as usual talk therapy supportive skills to help you understand your experiences in a way that benefits healing and growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of appointments do you have for Psychedelic Services?

Psychedelic support sessions are longer and grouped together in packages to incorporate preparation and integration work.

Can you connect me with someone who can provide psychedelic substances?

No, I do not provide or facilitate access to controlled or prohibited drugs or medicines.

How do I know if psychedelic support is right for me?

Fill out the contact form and let’s connect for a consultation call!

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