Therapeutic Services

EMDR & EMDR Intensives

For clients struggling with anxiety or panic, especially with past trauma or distressing experiences, EMDR uses the brain’s natural inclination toward healing and integration to resolve unprocessed memories, emotions, or sensations in the body.

Talk Therapy & Death/EOL Support

We often can’t see the patterns and thoughts that hold us back or keep us stuck. My work is to reflect what is under the surface, including patterns, dynamics, ways we treat ourselves, or deeply held beliefs about who we are in the world. As a team, we look back to find where these thoughts and patterns began and then seek to heal old wounds in the safe and stable present moment.

Psychedelic Support, Preparation, & Integration

Psychedelic support services are an effective means of engaging in deep introspection while being supported by a therapist. It can be useful in many areas, such as healing trauma, improving feelings of purposelessness, managing existential dread, and grappling with grief.

You are never alone or helpless.

The force that guides the stars guides you too.

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

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