What is Death Support?

by | May 17, 2024 | Death

Death support is therapeutic care that is provided at or around end of life. It is for the person dying as well as for family and loved ones. In my practice, I see clients both in the office and in their homes for this work. Often death care starts when someone receives a medical diagnosis that is terminal or one that may be terminal without treatment. It may also begin when someone wants to plan for their end of life needs, especially when considering medical aid in dying. This type of support is flexible and customized to the unique needs of a dying person. I bring my whole self into this work.

Together, we focus on the meaning of a life lived while preparing for the transition of death. Taking into account regrets or fears as well as each person’s individual beliefs. I provide clinical mental health care when that is needed – including working through anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss, etc. This tends not to be the focus of death support however it can be helpful.

This work is much more flexible around the needs of the dying than traditional therapy. We may set in motion plans for the time remaining. Or make plans for a funeral or celebration. Or simply explore what’s coming up emotionally and mentally. We can complete end of life planning documents, have a family discussion about what’s happening, or even pick out a burial outfit.


Some questions to think about…

What is my relationship with Death?

What is there to put in order before I die?

Who is my health care advocate if I fall ill or am incapacitated?

What does it mean to me to die consciously?

What unfinished business do I have left?

How do I want to live before I die?

About Cathy Schneider

Cathy Schneider is a therapist in private practice in Avon, Colorado, with over 11 years of experience working with clients who are struggling with trauma, grief, loss, life transitions, and more.